Swanson Bros. Lumber Co.

Our long standing members are quite familiar with the name Sam Konnie and Swanson Bros. Lumber  Company.  New members however,  may not be  aware of our long-standing relationship  to Swanson Bros. Lumber Company.   Because of Sam Konnie and Swanson Bros. Lumber Company, the Emerald Empire chapter is fortunate enough to raise winter steelhead at the Letz Creek property in Lorane, Oregon. Sam Konnie had a strong passion for fishing and a desire to see salmon and steelhead returns flourish on the Siuslaw river. Since 1992, Sam Konnie and his son Larry, along with Swanson Bros. Lumber Company have not only allowed us to use their property in Lorane to raise our Letz Creek fish, they  continue to be a strong supporter in our efforts to raise winter steelhead for the Siuslaw drainage.  The Emerald Empire Chapter is most grateful to Sam Konnie and his family for helping the Emerald Empire Chapter of the Northwest Steelheaders continue in their quest, striving for strong steelhead returns. We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to Larry Konnie, president of Swanson Bros. Lumber Company;  Mike Randall, timber manager;  and the entire Swanson Bros. Lumber Company team .