Letz Creek Hatchery

The Letz Creek Rearing Facility, built and managed by the Emerald Empire Chapter of the Northwest Steelheaders, spawn and rear steelhead returning to  Letz Creek ( a tributary of the Siuslaw River).  These returning steelhead are  hatched, reared, and released as smolts  at our facility.  This  “labor of love”  began in 1992 and was built entirely from the volunteer efforts of  members from the Emerald Empire Chapter.

Chapter members donate thousands of volunteer hours each year, beginning with the spawning of adult steelhead.  Fertilized eggs are placed in incubator trays until the fry stage,  at which time they are placed in circulars.  The fry remain in circulars until late August when 20-25 volunteers show up to “fin-clip” each of the 15,000 smolts by hand.  From the fin-clipped stage,  they are transported to our holding pond. From September through April volunteers drive to Letz Creek each day to care and feed these future adult steelhead.  April culminates one year’s worth of work  as these smolts are released into Letz Creek to begin their journey to the ocean.  In 2-3 years these fish will return to their origin and the cycle begins again!  If you would like to become involved with any part of this exciting & rewarding process, contact: Dale Johnson; Hatchery Manager, 541-520-3936 or email the Emerald Empire chapter at eecnws@nwsteelheaders-eec.com

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